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 2020.06.04  |  20:00 - 
Parachute Session Vol.85 「Star Lanes × F.I.B JOURNAL DUO + 1」

​Parachute Session is the most exciting style of the show with 2 bands setting face to face, and play each songs turn by turn without a song order. It started from 2013 by Madoki Yamasaki, who is the poet from F.I.B JOURNAL. And Star Lanes plays their first stage ever with the other band in front setting against them.

Who knows what they exchange each other and how it make their tunes. 


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Thank you for your support. 


Poetry Jazz Trio from 2003.

Based on the session of contrabass and drums, The unique style of Spoken Words is modern beatnik music. F.I.B JOURNAL has released 5 full albums so far. 

"Calm & Punk" album which is released in 2009, It's called "Jazz Punk" who has a punk spirit with anger Beatnik style.

Bio for The Star Lanes

The time was 80’s in Tokyo, Takuya and Ken met at high school through school jazz band.

It was rare back then in Japan to have high school jazz big band specially organized by students and collage big band member and

professional musicians who graduated from the school,  under great understanding by their music teacher as an adviser.

They rehearsed every day after school then go to jazz cafe to listening and study every thing from to bebop to new release of jazz fusion records which just arrived.


Later, Ken started performing various band in Tokyo jazz circuit and Takuya went study composition at conservatory in Tokyo then moved to USA to le learn from George Russell at New England Conservatory.


Time past, in 2007, Takuya went back to home in Tokyo for short period of time and start performing slowly, he asked Ken to make groups to play music again, The Star Lanes.  they start performing in clubs and festivals in Japan for a few years.


Now they are back again for this pandemic world 2020, they will create new fusion of sounds with their back ground with jazz and all types of music they played and life journey.


Takuya Nakamura

Producer/DJ, Multi-instrumentalist Takuya Nakamura has been playing trumpet, keyboards, and 

various electronic instruments for over 20 years throughout the United States and the world with a diverse group of artists 

such as Quincy Jones, Lee scratch Perry, Gza(Wu Tang Clan),Cocorosie, George Russell's Living Time Orchestra, 

Arto Lindsay, Jojo Mayer's Nerve, Brazilian Girls, Organic Grooves. and many others. 

As Remixer he worked on Quincy Jones/Bill Cosby (the new mixes, vol. 1), The Streets (Weak Become a Hero), 

and Billy Holiday /Remix&Reimagined(Sony) and many more.

With his diverse background of music, he has distinguished himself by composing and effectively fusing uncommon and exciting styles of music.

Takuya moved to New York from his native Tokyo in 1994 and became an integral, 

sought after part of NYC's vibrant underground live/electronic scene: including the legendary "Prohibited Beats" party, known as the most eclectic drum & bass/breakbeat party with Jojo Mayer's "Nerve". In 1999, he joined Organic Grooves(Codek Records) party. In 2004, Takuya founded the experimental space-rock band “Marianne” and will be releasing a new album at the end of 2017. In 2011, He released his own space jazz album with remarkable New York jazz musicians and performed at monthly jazz event at Uniqlo in NYC, Zebulon and many other clubs. In 2012 He toured with DJ Shadow as an opener with Nerve for Dj Shadows US tour. Takuya also supported Lee Scratch Perry, Gza of Wu Tang Clan for their NewYork shows same year.



In 2013, he started touring and recording for “Cocorosie”. In 2014, he produced “Brooklyn Gypsies” first album “Sin Fronteras” (Wonder wheel records) and started to tour worldwide. Same Year he produced and performed Helio Parallax’s debut album “Helio Parallax Vol.1” and release with Bill Laswell’s M.O.D Technologies. It was chosen for the 20 best Jazz records of the year from Down Beat Magazine. He worked as an opening DJ for Cocorosie’s Europian and US tour and also currently has residency at The Lot Radio (Brooklyn). He will DJ continually at clubs and festivals all over the world.


Tsunoda Ken

 With his unique approach to responding moment of the sounds, Ken became one of the most important drummer in Japan for all style of music.


Born to music and artist family he started play music from his early age.


His collaborate wide range of musicians  from Rock, Raggae, African music include DJ Crash, Jazz legend Yosuke Yamashita, Chie Ayato, Kouich Makigami, Kyosirou Imawano, Shibusa Shirazu and many others great musicians in Japan.


His drum b eats covers ancient time of Jomon period of Japan to Scifi future world, in 2020 he is more active than ever with time and space communication with many musicians and artist.



He also lead and facilitate his own Drum Circle, which is great need for new world.

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