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 2020.06.03  |  20:00 - 
Miton Usui Live at MoonRomantic Channel 

Singer Songwriter Miton Usui announced his first online solo show at MoonRomantic Channel!!


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Usui Mitten

Born in 1984, a singer-songwriter / musician from Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. After graduating from high school, he moved to Los Angeles and started his professional career as a guitarist. Impressed by James Taylor's live performance, after returning to Japan in 2004, he performed music at his own pace with an art director / graphic designer. After wandering 5 cities in Japan and the US, he released an album as a “traveling home record artist” and became a topic. Since then, in addition to appearing in large-scale festivals such as Fuji Rock, he has also been active as a producer. In 2018, she released her 3rd mini album "Naturalborn Honor Student".

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