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 2020.5.30  |  13:00 - 


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国内屈指フィンガードラマーでありトラックメイカー。10代の頃HIP HOPとの出会いをき
ト陣を招いた渾身のFull ALBUM”Pad Craft”をリリース。2015年、AKAI
SONY”PlayStation Classic”を始めとする数多くのCMへの楽曲提供、卓越したフィン
it”をプロデュース。同年、倖田來未”LIVE TUOR 2017-W FACE-“におけるMPCパフォー
ー、GYAO!!”てっぺんとるぞRAMPEGE from.EXILETRIBE”へ出演するなど、講師として
2020年2月、シングル”Dominate Break Loop”をリリース。スタイリッシュな
twitter:【 @KO_ney1986 】
instagram【 https://www.instagram.com/ko_ney1986
web :【 http://ko-ney.tumblr.com
YOU TUBE :【 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfBHlmbm0G8

KO-ney, one of the best drummers and trackmakers in Japan. He started his music career when he was a teenager, which the age that he met  Hip Hop music
Providing music for artists, He kept improving his skill of playing AKAI MPC and be well-known as an MPC player in worldwide.
 In 2014, he released a full ALBUM, "Pad Craft", which cooperated with 14 gorgeous musicians.
 In 2015, He was award as an official player of “AKAI Professional”, and won the pad buttle championship of ”ACHIEVEMENT2015” produced by MIKI GAKKI, which was a Japanese company of instruments.
He is an awesome story-teller by using music. His music always full of emotions and amazes many audiences from overseas.
In 2020 Feb, his newest CD "Dominate Break Loop"  has been launched with a stylish music video.


泉川貴広(Takahiro Izumikawa)

Abletonアーティスト, Dave Smith Instrumentsアーティスト。現在グラミー賞受賞アーティストMaurice Brown (Tp アンダーソンパーク), Timothy Bloom(Vo), Marcus
Machado(Gt), Jermaine Holmes(Voディアンジェロ、エリカバドゥ)のレギュラーピアストの他、Keyon Harrold(Tpディアンジェロ、エリカバドゥ、コモン), YEBBA (vocalist), Daru Jones (Dr), Mononeon (bsプリンス),などの著名ミュージシャンとライブ、レコーディングを重ね、Smif&Wessun, Kool Keith, Black Moon,Smoke DZAなどの90年代レジェンドヒップホップアーティストのライブにもキーボーディストとして参加。
2017年ジャズレジェンドであるVincent Herring(As)のアルバム”Hard Times”の全曲アレンジ,ホーンセクション作成を担当。同アルバムでCyrus Chestnut(Pf)、Russell Malone(Gt), Carl Allen(Dr),Yasushi Nakamura(Bs) らと共演。翌年2018年
Vincent Herring, Eric Alexander(Ts)グループの1ヶ月に渡るツアーにピアニストとして参加。2019年同氏のニューアルバムの全曲アレンジ、ホーンセクション作成も担当。同アルバムで同じくジャズレジェンドのGary Bartz(As)とBobby Watson(As)と共演。2019年アメリカのメジャーレーベルRopeadopeと契約し、2020年4月10日に全曲オリジナルのフルアルバム“Life is Your Thoughts”を発売。Jermaine Holmes,Bajahをはじめ、数多くのバラエティ豊かなシンガー、ミュージシャンとコラボレートしている。アルバム曲の”Shigan”をサンプリングして作ったJermaine Holmesの曲”Take Me Back”がJermaineのフルアルバム”Stronger Than My Fears”に収録されている。


akahiro Izumikawa is a highly sought-after pianist, keyboardist, arranger, and producer born and raised in Japan. His style has its roots in jazz but incorporates hip-hop, R&B, gospel, and traditional Japanese melodies. He released his first piano solo album in 2014, which was sponsored by KAWAI, a major piano manufacturer. He moved to New York City later that year to further his music career. Since then, he has worked with well-known hip hop artists such as Smif&Wessun, Kool Keith, Black Moon, and Smoke DZA. He has also worked with Grammy Award-winning musicians Maurice Brown (trumpet player for Anderson .Paak), Keyon Harrold (trumpet player for D’Angelo and Erykah Badu), YEBBA (vocalist), Jermaine Holmes (vocalist for D’Angelo), Daru Jones (drummer), Mononeon (bassist), Marcus Machado (guitarist), and Timothy Bloom (vocalist). In 2016, he performed with Takuya Kuroda, a notable trumpet player who debuted through Blue Note Records at the Blue Note Jazz Festival, which was headlined by Earth Wind and Fire, George Benson, and Marcus Miller. In 2017, he arranged all the tracks on “Hard Times”, an album by jazz giant Vincent Herring (alto saxophonist), as well as his
upcoming album to be released this year, featuring Gary Bartz and Bobby Watson. Takahiro’s latest album “Life is Your Thoughts” is released from the major label “Ropeadope” in the United States on April 10th, 2020. 

The 6th track of the album“Shigan” is sampled by Jermaine Holmes to create the song “Take Me Back” of his new album “Stronger Than My Fears”

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